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Praying For Peacefullness in Miyakojima ~7.April.2017

Michiko made private project in Japan.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you want to show her Art for public occasion.

Michiko is doing private Art activities, If you want to paticipate,You can submit your e-mail address for join our Mailing List to get Michiko's Project and Expo info.

Medina declaration~メディナ宣言 7.April.2015.

About Artists activity will be for many reason and purposes.


Michiko's Art purpose is  "To be looking for the Truth".

"Concept+Art =Michiko's Art." This is the reason she will be make small private hidden projects.

​Michiko says....


​We will call "Medina" who Artist will use for their own Art to reach "Truth of human's life".We are all "Media"for to be, even we did not realise it.Then,we will call them”Medina".Our Art will be "Media+Art=MEDINART",It is for to be find out "Truth of purpose of our Life."We will have many reasons to express ourselves, and we will have many purposes to be here,But "If you feel free to hear this Idea,Don't hesitate to contact us.We appreciate to share pleasant moments.



芸術の理由・目的は千差万別ですが、”真実を探すための手段”に”芸術”を位置づけた私のようなアーティストにとって「人とは、”媒体”(メディア)」。永久普遍の真理追求を目的とする芸術を”Media+Art=Medinart メディナート”と名付け、芸術の行為者を”メディナ”と定義し、「メディナ宣言」としました。芸術とその鑑賞の目的は人それぞれですが、”同志”と出会えたら、と思います。ご興味ある方、お気軽にご連絡をお待ちしております。

Poetry reading event ~Group Exposition"OMNI PARIS"France

​Michiko did "Poetry reading" in the Gallery for Group Expo"Opening Event" 20em arrondisment in Paris.  March 2015.


Concepts : Mon inspiration 

Je souhaite mettre en pratique, démontrer le fait que notre pensée est capable de construit le réel.Mais je crois aussi que notre conscience ne peut pas tout percevoir de la réalité. Qu’il existe un au-delà du sens et de l’expérience et qui pourtant fait parti de l’Univers.


En tant qu’artiste, ma tâche est de créer du beau. Cependant, je n’arrive à mes fins que quand j’ai atteint le sublime !


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